The Avengers Promotion Landing Page


The Request

The Avengers was one of the most anticipated movies of  summer 2012, in my opinion, and when the project came to create a landing page experience, I was giddy to come up with a creative solution.


The Result

The final design came from our creative team in Dublin, however, it allowed me to practice and put my love of comics books into my day job. It was also reassuring to compare my version with the live version and see the similarities between the solutions. 

The Strategy

Marvel Studios always provides a substantial amount of assets to use but it also came with restrictions, like Captain America’s shield has to be in his left hand and The Hulk had to be in the background behind the other Avengers.

Another restriction Marvel gave was that Stark Tower had to be incorporated, so I added it to the background behind the Avengers, so when your eye came to the Avengers, Stark Tower was clearly visible.

The Delivery

An Atari promotion inspired my layout

My Avengers landing page experience