So, I should be working on my online design classes and the deadline for this class is fast approaching, but guess what I'm doing? Blogging, yes, that's true, and I've been watching the Euro 2008 tournament happening in Switzerland right now.

Yes, I am a huge soccer/futbol fan and will try to convert anyone just by one or two conversations. I'm thinking of taking another approach at blogging. I do take some time into what goes into my blogs because I don't want to come off as ignorant or boring or whatever. Plus, riddled with work and online school and life, in general, my posts have been sporadic. Since I have the time during matches to blog, I'll blog and basically "shoot from the hip" and try not to sugar-coat the result. Not to say that I have been sugar-coating it, but who knows if American tv runs out of stuff to produce, this blog might become a prime-time tv show.

Right! Hahaha!

Anyways, a mini recap of the past 4 days of the Euros, in the eyes of a regular American fan:

Day 1, Match 1: Switzerland vs. Czech Republic -

The Swiss looked good the entire match. Sadness about Frei though, but they should have put this match away. Instead a crazy turn-off events for the Czechs to get the goal and end up the winners of this match. It's early, so can't write anyone off yet.

Day 1, Match 2: Portugal vs. Turkey -

I admit, I am a Manchester United fan and my favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo (ever since he dazzled me with his skills during the World Cup). So, naturally, I am a Portuguese supporter. Well, this match was quite disappoint since 3 of our shots hit the woodwork. No offense to Nuno, but he's got to step it up next match, in my opinion. We came away with the win and now are the top of the table (which is good since Germany probably will take Group B). Hats off to Turkey because they played good football.

Day 2, Match 1: Austria vs. Croatia -

I didn't watch much of this match, but watching the highlights; I'm kinda split between the penalty though Austria played well. But, the scoreline stands and Croatia took the 3 points.

Day 2, Match 2: Germany vs. Poland -

Wow! Germany looks really good! Podolski was amazing! Ballack was in the action and overall, the German team looks like a force to be reckoned with. I'll be happy if Portugal meets Germany at the Semifinals!

Day 3, Match 1: Romania vs France -

With all the hype of Group C = Group of Death, I was really disappointed with this match. Granted, Chivu played well for Romania (I'm an Inter Milan fan), but why did France look so, out of sorts? Ribery, where were you? Anelka, I respect you (not because you batched your penalty kick at the Champions League final) because you're a great player, but did you leave your game back in England? To top that, Trezeguet wasn't even included in the squad. I'll stop b*tchin now. But, nil-nil is better than no points at all.

Day 3, Match 2: Netherlands vs Italy -

This match made me lose motivation to do anything for the rest of the afternoon. I was stunned. I got love for Ruud and Edwin (the best goal keeper in the English Premier League), but wow, the current World Champions looked pathetic! Del Piero should have started, in my opinion. Where was the defense? Furthermore, what happened to the passion? Okay, switching gears. I still think Ruud was offsides, but apparently UEFA rules that the player out of bounds wasn't allowed to be out of bounds, so he counts as the back line. Whatever. But, Sneijder's brilliant strike is something I'll remember as one of the greatest shots so far. The Netherlands look dangerous. But, I hope to not count Italia out.

Day 4, Match 1: Spain vs Russia -

One word, TORRES! El Nino made an awesome pass to David Villa. No ego present; no smugness here. Laid it off for Villa and what a superb goal! And then for Villa to get a hat trick! Spain is silencing their critics in a big way! Russia played well, but of course, was overshadowed by the talent of Spain. P.S. Nice header, Cesc!

Day 4, Match 2: Greece vs Sweden -

The match looked pretty even at half; chances for both, but no finish. Then out of nowhere, Ibrahimovic with a strike across the body! Such power! Of course, I wasn't routing for the reigning Euro champs since they beat out Portugal in the 2004 finals. Sweden played a good match. Greece isn't out, but that much more difficult from here on. We'll see how this group ends up.

So, that ends my recap. Yes, my online classes will suffer since it's basically 2 matches a day. I'm crazy excited, but trying to be a grown-up as much as I can, I need to work on classes a little at a time. Maybe after lunch! Haha!

Until tomorrow!