Have you ever had a week that just droned on and on and you wished it was the weekend already? Okay, that's not valid since that's every week, right? How about this? Have you ever wished your week would fly by so you could spend the weekend doing something a lot more fun that sitting behind a computer with your boss breathing down your neck? Umm, that's every week again... Okay, one more try. Have you ever had a week that started out crappy but then got crappier and crappier as the days went by? I bet a few people would raise their hand at this question and come Friday, would drown their sorrows in a beer or multitude of cocktails. Am I right? Well, if you roll with me and my friends, the Friday night of drinking comes a night earlier on Thursday. This is how it all went down last night:

I got a cryptic text from Tony (for insight into my relationship with Tony, please see previous post: "Apologies and The Code") around noon yesterday saying "9-11. Aragon." Tony's a pretty chill guy who doesn't really stress too much, but ever since he got promoted, the responsibilities had piled on and every now and then, this cryptic text would come through. Matt and myself had a routine down for this (even though it didn't happen that often), but it's pretty big since Tony's one of our good friends. Any previous engagements planned that night would be canceled immediately and Matt or I would "roshambo" for who would drive everyone that night.

So, I called Liz right after work and got a rain-check on our plans to try out this Cajun restaurant owned by a Filipino family and met Matt at our place. He was waiting for me on the couch which basically meant he was playing Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii when I arrived home. I threw on a pair of Levi's and my green and yellow Members Only jacket (a gift from my little brother) and we headed out to pick up Tony.

As you can guess, picking up Tony was an ordeal in itself since he lives almost across town. But, it's a courtesy since he'll be too drunk to drive home anyway. He was waiting outside his apartment complex smoking, which was a bad sign since he only smokes when he's really stressed out. Not one word was said on the drive. Matt remembered the routine of throwing in the Michael Jackson Hits mix-CD into my CD player that we made for Indian casino runs in college. He immediately played Track 4, "Heal the World."

By the time we parked and walked to Aragon, Tony started to clue us in about his devastating week. For a welcome change, this week's headaches weren't about work. Okay, so Tony starts off telling us that his ex-girlfriend of 3 years calls him out of the blue last Monday. Quite random, from my perspective, but this girl was very odd when they were dating. I don't want to get into it because I'll probably offend some folks out there. But, they talked and decided to meet the following day for lunch (Tony ditched our monthly In-N-Out 4x4 challenge by doing so, and yes, I'm still a little bitter about it).

We finally received our first round of drinks and Matt orders the killer Calamari because we'll be having the munchies in about 3 -4 drinks later. Tony continues on by saying they met at lunch and she drops a humongous bomb on him. No, no, she's not pregnant. She drops the "I didn't realize it until now that you were the best relationship I ever had and I'm sorry that I messed it up" bomb. BOOM! Tony downs his first drink and signals for another one just like that. Matt and I glance at each other and both think "this is going to be a long night."

Tony continues his story. He doesn't respond to her right away after she drops the A-Bomb on him but comes back with, "why tell me this now?" The chick's name is Amy, that's right, man, it was bugging me that I forgot her name after last night (must of been the dirty Mojitos). Amy says that she misses him and wants him to be part of her life again. Okay, rewinding just a smidgen, Amy and Tony went out in college and had a pretty good thing. Inseparable most of the time. I forget if Desiree knew the chick, but Tony graduated like two quarters before Amy earned her B.S. in English or something like that. Tony would visit like almost every weekend but then when the trips became less frequent due to work, Amy dropped him like bad habit for some want-to-be poet named Kristofer. Right off the bat, I didn't like the guy because he spelled his name the non-conventional way; supposedly gave him the right since he was poet or writer of sorts. Lame, if you ask me. Plus, dude looked like one of those stereotypical Laguna Beach / Newport Harbor look-a-likes with the bleached-blonde hair and skinny tight jeans. Makes me sick some guys can fit into those "girl jeans" as I call them. Makes me almost hurl thinking about them. So, their breakup wasn't the best of circumstances.

The Calamari show up and we dig in as Tony continues to drink. He's still pretty coherent after 4 drinks but we know it'll start to get all "Da Vinci Code" soon. The lunch ends abruptly since he was called back into work early and they decide to chat that night; some coffee place. Turns out, Tony waits like 4 hours for her, but she never shows up.

"Pretty cold, bro" is all what Matt can muster to say in between bites of the fried Calamari with tangy orange sauce. "I'd drop the ho right then and there."

Matt has a way with words, doesn't he? Anyways, Tony says that it gets worse. The following morning, he's getting his "wake up juice" at the Peet's Coffee down the street and the cashier is talking with his barista buddy about this hot brunette who he met last night. Knowing the person Tony is, he doesn't eavesdrop that often, but he must have caught onto something because this is how the dialog went:

Cashier: Hey [Gambit look-a-like], this hot brunette came in last night and guess what she ordered?
Gambit: What did she order, [Cashier]?
Cashier: A Zebra.
Gambit: Whoa, I haven't heard that order for a long time.

--> A Zebra is a basic frappachino but white chocolate and dark chocolate syrup is crisscrossed on the inside of the cup making it look like zebra stripes <--

Cashier: She was hot!

At this point, Matt almost fell off his seat with confusion. "What the hell does that have to do with Amy?"

"Dude, she never met me. She was with that Jerkface cashier all night."

You don't have to be a Crime Scene Investigator to observe that Tony was hammered. He was starting to slur his words and obviously he must have missed some details in the story he was telling us. So, let's give him a shadow of the doubt that Amy was with the cashier all night. Here's how the story ends after piecing it together with Matt from what Tony gave us:

He ignored her calls all day and finally talked to her early Thursday morning. She said she was sorry for standing him up but had to tend to her sick grandma. I'm pretty sure we deciphered this incorrectly, but that's what we could pull together. Tony obviously didn't believe her and called her on it. She got pissed because Tony was basically calling her a liar to her face (via Iphone) and she lets out the truth:

"I only made contact with you again to make my loser boyfriend jealous so he'd get off his lazy ass and find a real job!"

I admit, this seems pretty "hollywood" to be true. And, you're right. The first part of the story was true. Amy did make contact with Tony and she did lay that A-Bomb on him, but the end of the story was fabricated. The story ended right then when they had lunch. Nothing more. Tony told her that he appreciated her telling him that and he'd make an effort to make the friends thing to work. That's it.

So, why the "dog and pony" show with the cryptic text and the outburst at the end? I don't know. I've been swamped at work and thought it'd be fun to let my imagination run wild. Of course, how I played it out could have happened if it continued, but like I said, it ended there. They met for coffee I think last night, I don't know. Liz and I went on our Cajun night and Matt played Brawl the entire night. End of story.

So, why push the limits of the story if it wasn't true anyway? I don't know. People will believe anything these days. I guess, a little wrench in the system once in awhile reminds us we're alive. I use to be the kid on the block that rejected change. I wanted things exactly the way they were everyday; never changing. But, I got burned in this respect and was left high and dry. I decided then and there that in order to survive this ever changing world, I had to do the same. With all things in this world, it's dynamic. And, wanting things to be the same is wishful thinking but it's not the reality we live in.

Take my relationship with Jennifer (reference: "Home Sweet Home Parts 1-3"). Things changed; I was a different person and so was she. Situations change all the time, but how we roll with it shows the true worth of a person. With my 25 years of wisdom and insight from both younger and older people around me, regret lingers in front of us, but I for one try not to dwell on it because there's nothing really you can do. As long as you place a positive spin on it and fully hope for the best, then things will work out. Regret should just be a word, not something that you say often because life's too short to keep saying "I regret not doing this" or "I regret making this decision." Things happen for a reason. Let's leave it at that.

Shout out to all those who know they have regret but are looking forward to the future.