Happy Easter everyone!

I told you I'd post again real soon and here I am. This post will document my Easter Sunday which was a blast! If you didn't read my last post, I mentioned a truly unique Easter egg hunt that Desiree, Matt, and myself created for those a little bit too old for the traditional Easter egg hunts at the park or in your backyard. It's fairly simple with simple rules to match. Here's the rundown:

Rules for the Ultimate HUNT - Easter Sunday Edition

1. Each hunter must have a color egg designated to them (thus it's limited to the number of colored eggs you can find-doubling up on a color or "shade/tint" of color is not acceptable)
2. Each hunter must use a camera phone to document the HUNT (no fancy-smancy digital cameras will be permitted)

3. A designated area large enough to accommodate all the hunters participating will be chosen and decided by the
previous winner (in this case, Desiree got to choose since she won last year).
4. One hour is designated for
the HUNT; no more and no less.
5. During the HUNT, hunters must use caution for little children, taco
dogs, and various "rent-a-cops" in order to preserve the honor and prestige of this activity.
6. Bonus points
awarded to the hunter who finds all their eggs (however, highly unlikely since at least 2 eggs are hidden in VERY hard-to-access areas)
7. Bonus points also awarded to eggs that carry special tokens in them
(i.e. Desiree's token = pink necklace beads, Matt's token = paper version of guitar pics, and my token = sharpie-ed pieces of paper resembling a soccer ball)
Have fun

So, this year's Ultimate HUNT was held at Santana Row near the Westfield Valley Fair Shopping Mall. Desiree wanted to check out H & M which is ironic, since most of my eggs were located in that store which also lacks a Men's section. We met up at a random Starbucks near Matt and my place for a quick pre-HUNT coffee and headed out. The day was perfect with the sun shining, several Lamborghini's parked in front of the hotels, a few chicas with shopping bags from the high-end stores, and tons of little kids who kept staring at me with my green eggs as I hunted.

Desiree had the pink eggs, like always, and Matt rounded the pastel colors up with Big Bird. Starting at the giant chess board in the middle of the "Row," we set off on the HUNT through the stores, foliage, hotel, etc, anywhere we thought the other hunters would hide the eggs. I've uploaded my Razr's pics of my HUNT. I'm pretty sure Matt was the one who hid my eggs in H & M, that bastard, and Desiree hid some in Maggiano's. I hid Desiree's eggs in random places including Urban Outfitters and any foliage within the middle section of the "Row." Matt's eggs were kept in low places since he's pretty tall. I chose a different strategy this year for him and hid them in every other store in one section of the "Row." I smiled to myself when he ran off in the opposite direction of his hidden eggs when we began.

After the hour elapsed, we met back up and ate at the Counter which just opened up. They have Sweet Potato fries that rock hardcore! Here we counted up all the eggs. Here's how it was spread out:

Desiree -- 8 total eggs = 5 regular eggs, 2 of my tokens, and 1 of Matt's
Matt -- 4 total eggs = 1 regular egg, 2 of Desiree's tokens, and 1 of mine
Me -- 5 total eggs = 0 regular eggs, 3 of Desiree's tokens, and 2 of Matt's

So, you must be asking, who won, right? Each token is worth 2 extra points and an egg is 1 point, so doing the math, the winner is: a tie with 10 points a piece between Desiree and myself! I've never won the HUNT before, so Desiree said that I could take the title this year. Whoop whoop!

We finished our meal and took in a movie next to the Winchester Mystery House. All in all, this was a fun and relaxing Easter Sunday. What more can a guy ask for than spending one of the most important religious holidays with his best friend and best chum? Oh yeah, winning the Ultimate HUNT!