"Thank God, it's Friday" is a phrase often heard after a long week and the ever-enticing weekend looms over us, teasing us with sunshine and fun. I find myself sitting at my computer literally drained after a couple of days of mayhem. And to sit and type relaxes me a bit (more importantly it gets me closer and closer to "punch out" time).

This week started to pick up. Typically, we have projects that last a couple of weeks to a month in length, giving us time to take it easy and finish without much "crack of the whip." But, for some reason, it started to get pretty intense with a couple of projects whose time line was pretty comfortable, but the customer wanted to expedite it which started the spiral craziness of the past couple of days.

The way I like to operate is working on one project at a time because it helps me focus and put everything into what I'm doing. Unfortunately, this is the real world we're talking about and being able to balance multiple things is part of life so I found myself juggling 2 other projects plus the one I was currently working on. Not only did this make me pretty grumpy, but it made me cancel some lunch dates with my sister and Desiree. So by now, I am pretty tired of this place, wanting the minutes on my clock to tick faster, and even the live stream of Hawaiian music over my internet isn't preventing this foul mood to continue to brew.

I even found myself "zoning out" on the drive back home. It's weird. I remember getting on the freeway and then all of a sudden, I'm four or five exits down without much recollection of getting there. It's a pretty scary thought because some post-work drivers drive like they're playing 'Frogger' or something and the more cars they pass and dodge will get them home faster. I doubt that, but getting home after work shouldn't be a race, in my opinion anyway.

Maybe it's the difficulty of this week or perhaps chock it up to what my aunts and uncles refer to as "the daily grind." This may be the case, but it kind of sucks to "zone out" especially when I'm trying to enjoy every minute of life, you know? Ok, that seems pretty cheesy and 'Disney channel,' I admit. But, I hate metaphorically being in the fast lane and missing out on the really good stuff that's in the slow lane, or even in the lane over from the carpool lane.

I remember when I was working as a temp at a snack food company during the summers in high school when the older managers would say that growing up came too fast. They wished they could be nineteen again and enjoy their time at the beach or "cruising." First off, I thought it was their way to relive the "old days" and try to connect with my generation, but looking at it, it was their way of telling me that I shouldn't take life so seriously when I'm young because I have the rest of my life to do that. Course, being so young and naive, I laughed it off and worked my ass off for three months until summer was over.

Now that I'm twenty-five and my nineteen year-old days have come and gone, I do kind of wish I had spent that summer at the beach or skateboarding with my friends or generally being lazy. For sure, this week made me regret taking advantage of times when I should have been lazy. But it's not like I can take them back. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason and I wouldn't be here, sitting behind a computer, giddy with Starbucks coffee, with a job (that's stressful at times, but it's a job nonetheless), if I didn't make the decisions I made back in the day. I'm pretty confident I probably would have followed the path my mom set out for me to be an accountant if I didn't work those summers and realizing that I wanted a fun job creating something that I'd be proud of. And wham, here I am, living the life my unconscious decisions led me to live.

And, there isn't much more I can say about that. I'm just glad another weekend is upon me and it'll go by as quickly as it came, too, that's for sure. But, when I learn how to slow down the weekend and speed up the weekdays, then we'll talk. Maybe throw in how to seduce Karolina Kurkova to make me pancakes. Ha!

Stay tuned for later posts because I received a text message from a buddy of mine who I swear "coincidence" is his middle name. The drama this time? All of his ex-girlfriends decided to call him right after the other in a four hour span. We're only talking about 3 girls, but that is one pretty unlucky coincidence!

I leave you all now, boys and girls, donning my stunnah shades (it's pretty dark inside my office with stunnah shades on):

"Thank God, it's FRIDAY!"