As long as I can remember, I had spent Saturday nights growing up watching the sun set at Pismo Beach. Such a beautiful sight that literally transported me from the hardships and problems of my life to a place where everything made sense. Ever since Desiree and I went off to college, we made it a tradition to meet up next to the Life Guard shack at Pismo and eat a tasty bread bowl from Splash Cafe while the sun set. That's where I found myself at 5:30pm last Saturday when Desiree and I went home for the weekend. If you didn't read the previous post, we had rolled into SLO and grabbed a late dinner at Denny's. Desiree had a mystery call which I figured to be my ex-girlfriend and that's where I ended the post since I had to get back to my 'ever-growing' work load.

I guess I should start where I ended last time; "so, how's Jennifer?"

Desiree almost spit out her bacon. After what seemed like ages, she finally said, "she's doing fine." Now, Desiree started to go off on how she was and what she's been up to the past year and a half but I really wasn't paying too much attention. All that was swimming in my head was the last time we saw each other which happened to be graduation a year and a half ago.

I had completed my course work and a graphic communication minor within 5 years, throwing in some random internships and odd-summer jobs here and there. For the most part I enjoyed my college experience. A large part of it was spent with Jennifer, who I met my second year. She worked at the coffee place in the University Commons which the majority of my friends, including Matt, would only go buy coffee when she was on shift. Funny what guys would do for a hot girl, right?

Well, the long and short of it was that we hit it off. We had a lot in common and our relationship wasn't all the bad. Some headaches here and there, but for the most part, I enjoyed being around her. It wasn't until the end of college that things started to get rocky. Not to get all into it, but the main reason was because she was planning to move to my hometown of SLO to teach at Cal Poly while I wanted to stay up north in the Bay Area. It didn't help the fact that Matt, Desiree, and I already worked out our post-college situation and so when she asked me about moving back home to be near her, it was difficult to consider it. Yes, looking back, I was pretty selfish; I suppose I still am. But, trying to see the "silver lining," things happen for a reason and breaking up was suppose to happen. So, on graduation day, we went out separate ways agreeing to still be friends and that was that.

Desiree brought me back from my mini-flashback with these words: "Jenny's having a party. We're invited." Wham, my chin slid off of the perch that was my left palm and thud to the table below. Rolling her eyes, Desiree countered with "oh, grow up, Johnny. You guys are still friends. It'll be fun," and took the check to the front to pay.

Glorious, wasn't it; the way fate spins her elaborate web and often times just to have something to laugh at up there on Mount Olympus. I found it pretty "grown-up" to engage in civil situations like these and since I was living in my 'post-college' era, I found myself choosing a simple long-sleeve button up from Hollister and my favorite Levi's for Jennifer's party.

"You look nice." Desiree remarked as she sauntered towards me holding her flip-flops.
"You do, too, Miss America. Going to put the charm on the lowly college mortals tonight?"
"You're hilarious, Johnny. You going to be okay tonight, you know, with the whole Jenny thing?"
Getting up and dusting myself off, I told her, "Yeah, don't worry about me." And with a smile, we headed down the sunset striken beach toward one of the beach houses where an interesting night would be had by all.

To Be Continued ...