Remember when you were younger and a grown-up would ask what you wanted to be when you grew up? What was your answer? You'd get the typical answers like astronaut, artist, lawyer, but what about those weird jobs like sanitation worker or tire rotation specialist? Of course, please don't take offense if you are in any of these professions, my point is at such an early age what makes us answer that fateful question the way we do? What makes us so certain that those professions are where we want to go and most importantly, will make us happy?

The reason I bring it up because it's another Wednesday almost 9 o'clock in the morning and this routine has gotten me thinking about those things. I never asked to be here, sitting behind a Apple Cinema display playing with video clips all day. It kind of just happened. Does that sound familiar? Take Matt for example. His dad is an optometrist. Pretty funny guy that loves to golf. Now, Matt never wanted to follow in his dad's footsteps. I guess that's why we're such good friends because we decided to take the path less traveled. Basically, we're in professions that our parents don't really approve of; which directly contrasts many of my college buddies who stayed in engineering because of their parents, etc. etc.

Don't get me wrong. I'm making good money and it's pretty chill most of the day. I consider this a desk job, video editing, but Desiree begs to differ. She's surprised me once or twice with take-out from our favorite Mexican place and loves where I work. Being so young, I guess I'm fortunate to have my own office with a computer, phone, and extra chair. Desiree loves the view even though I'm on the 2nd floor right behind the fullness of the trees. She keeps saying that my business should be like this.

Okay, digressing a bit, what Desiree is referring to is my lifelong dream to own my own business. You see her parents own a couple of Quiznos and I guess hanging out with her so much I grew the entrepreneur spirit. My dream is to open up a graphic design studio and multimedia center. You know, the next Pixar or ILM basically. Personally, she loves the idea that I'm reaching for the stars, but trying to keep my feet planted, I often times think that it's way too big of a dream for someone who is way too unsure about his life so far. But I guess I'm young and am suppose to dream big (even though I believe that those feelings don't change with age).

Anyway, going back to Matt and his father, I'm pretty opposite from my dad, too. He's a stock broker and my mom is a lawyer. I suppose what led me to the art side of life is them. Watching them growing up was disappointing. Not that I'm disappointed with my parents, it's just I really had a solitaire childhood growing up which accounts for the emo-ish way I turned out. They'd always come home so late, we'd barely have dinners together during the week, and I've had so many nannies that I referred to each one as a letter of the alphabet. But, I love them and I know they love me. If it wasn't for Desiree, I probably would've taken a long walk on a short pier during my adolescence.

My parents say I met her in pre-school. We were after-school buddies. Since my parents couldn't pick me up right after school at 3pm, there was an after-school program which was basically recess until your parents came. Everyone was paired up with another kid in the program and I was lucky enough to be paired up with Desiree. Not really, because the inside scoop from her parents was that all the other kids didn't want her as a buddy because she was so loud and annoying, and being so clueless about pretty much everything at that age, I was the one left standing on the line as everyone backed away slowly (theoretically speaking). But, we've been best friends ever since and I'm glad.

Desiree works as a part-time waitress at Cheesecake Factory and is taking classes for accounting. She was the one to push me into expanding my horizons which got me enrolled in an online graphic design program based somewhere in New York. It's been pretty fun learning all the different design programs and such, but with work and trying to live my life, it's been difficult staying on top of my studies. I'm the kind of guy that was like "I've got my diploma, no more school for the rest of my life!" But, it seems everyone is taking classes these days to further their education or career, so hey, why not. I'm still honing my Jedi skills, but I'm pretty happy with the results so far. And of course, my parents are pretty proud because it seems I have direction in my life.

Funny thing about direction is that there's an opposite path to the one you are on every way you turn. Which brings me to my previous topic of the day, will this course of action ultimately end with me being happy? As they say, time will tell, but trying to stay positive, it's better than not doing anything, right?