I'm 25.

Pretty dramatic, huh? If you are anything like me, any post-25 feelings towards people who are 25 is simply put: "You're old." But now that the sand in my own hourglass is 1/4 of the way full, I find myself 'being civil through gritted teeth' towards those responding the way I did before. Not to say that turning 25 is so bad. I see it as a new beginning in some ways. I've always lived the idea that "it is up to us to make the life we live the way we want it through our experiences and most importantly, our attitude." That is why I've deemed this year (for those How I Met Your Mother fans) The Year of Awesome."

So, where do I begin this epic journey? Right here, right now, I suppose: sitting in my office on a Friday afternoon, typing out the first of many posts (if I stay religious to it, that is). Let me set something straight. I am not a writer. I use to write poems and fictional stories during my high school days, so if my 'stream of consciousness' seem a bit far-fetched and simply put, confusing, then I apologize. I tend to see the brighter side of things as I write, contrasting the emo-ish state of mind I live in. But if 9-11 has taught me anything that is to keep hope alive. And reiterating the idea I mentioned above, it's all about attitude. SO LET'S STAY POSITIVE, shall we??!!

Truthfully, this bLoG is my mediocre attempt to try to answer questions that plague my mind, which I personally believe that most people experience everyday, no matter what age or years of experience or skill set they have. Life is pretty complicated, am I right? So to make sense of the chaos that is MY LIFE (and probably yours too), this bLoG was born. It's up to you to follow my 'Totally Excellent Adventure,' but I'll be here; probably at work trying to make sense of things in-between actually working. Now, if that's not a fair enough deal without any agenda whatsoever then I don't know what is!

"I Open at the Close:" Looking forward, I consider this bLoG as a means to record the events that follow (sorry if this sounds like Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation), no matter how mundane it probably is to someone else looking into my bubble. I just hope something out my jibberish is realized by you, the audience, and you come away with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. If not, then maybe next time. Yea? As for me, your faithful narrator, I welcome you to a truly unscripted, unwritten chain of events that hopefully won't embarrass the parties involved, unlike those REALITY TV episodes you find on almost every channel these days. This is certain, I'll do my best to stay true to me: meaning... well, I don't know what that totally means, but that's what this expedition is all about. I hope you're ready because I'm as ready as I'll ever be:

25, a year-and-a-half out of college, still young enough not to be old and old enough not to be young, and waking up everyday at 6:40am to take on this CRAZY thing called LIFE.